7. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC Trace Diagnostics : Disable Tracing
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Disable Tracing
Do not forget to disable ODBC tracing after you have generated your test case! ODBC tracing, like all tracing, can have a significant impact on performance. It is even possible that the disk may become full if tracing is enabled for a significant period of time.
How You Disable Standard Tracing
To disable standard tracing on Windows
1. Click the Tracing tab in the ODBC Administrator.
2. Click the Stop tracing now button.
To disable standard tracing for ODBC CLI applications
1. Execute the iiodbcadmin utility and select the Drivers Tracing menu options.
2. Select the Set Tracing menu option to turn tracing off, and then select Save.
To disable standard tracing in unixODBC environments by editing the odbcinst.ini file
1. Open the odbcinst.ini file.
2. Unset tracing with the following edits:
Trace = no
TraceFile =
How You Disable Internal Tracing
The ingunset utililty turns off variables set via ingsetenv.
In Linux environments, internal tracing is disabled using either unset or unsetenv, depending on the execution shell.
On Windows, ODBC trace variables are unset as follows: