1. Introducing Vector Connectivity : Net Configuration Parameters--Customize Ingres Net
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Net Configuration Parameters--Customize Ingres Net
Your Net installation can be customized by changing the values of the Ingres Net configuration parameters. Default values are assigned during installation.
You view or change the configuration parameters using Configuration-By-Forms (or Configuration Manager, if available).
The Net configuration parameters are as follows:
inbound_limit and outbound_limit
Defines inbound and outbound session limits.
Default: 64 inbound sessions and 64 outbound sessions
Defines the logging level (see Logging Levels)
Default: 4
Specifies the name of the network protocol.
Default: Any protocol present at installation is indicated as active.
Listen Address
Specifies the GCC listen addresses for this installation.
Default: A GCC listen address is assigned for any protocol present at installation. The format depends on the protocol.
Specifies the server class assumed as the default when a server class is specified.
Default: INGRES
(Optional) Specifies the vnode assumed as the default when a vnode is not specified.
Default: None.
Specifies the vnode name configured for the local installation.
Default: Name of host machine.
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