7. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC CLI Implementation Considerations
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ODBC CLI Implementation Considerations
The ODBC CLI includes two include files for compiling applications:
These files can be found at $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files.
Other standard ODBC includes libraries, such as sqlucode.h or sqltypes.h, are already included within the ODBC CLI version of sql.h and sqlext.h.
Linux: The ODBC CLI is installed as the shared library libiiodbc.[ext]. Depending on the Linux implementation, the library extension ([ext]) varies. The library resides in $II_SYSTEM/ingres/lib.
Here is an example for building an ODBC CLI application on Linux:
cc -c myOdbcApp.c -I$II_SYSTEM/ingres/files
ld -o myOdbcApp myOdbcApp.o -L$II_SYSTEM/ingres/lib -liiodbc.1