1. Introducing Vector Connectivity : Server Connection Definitions (Virtual Nodes)
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Server Connection Definitions (Virtual Nodes)
To connect to a remote instance, you can specify all the required information dynamically in the connection string (as described in Dynamic Vnode Specification--Connect to Remote Database).
If you do not use the dynamic method, you must define a Server Connection Definition (also known as a virtual node, or vnode), as described in Creating Server Connection Definitions (Vnodes).
A vnode is a name defined on the local instance to identify a particular remote instance. The definition contains connection data and authorization data for a remote instance.
Using vnodes is generally simpler for users because they only have to enter a single, user-friendly vnode name when they run an application, rather than detailed network-specific connection information. Another advantage of vnodes is that network changes can be updated for a vnode without notifying the user or changing the application.