8. Understanding JDBC Connectivity : JDBC Implementation Considerations : Using Data Compression
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Using Data Compression
Compression is enabled on JDBC connections if not explicitly disabled.
If the server does not support compression, connection succeeds without compression. If compression is explicitly requested (connection attribute "compress=on"), then connection will fail if server does not support compression.
Compression can be explicitly disabled with connection attribute "compress=off."
Compression occurs between the JDBC client and Data Access Server (DAS), and between the GCC client and the GCC server, so compression should be enabled on the network link as follows:
If the DAS is local to the client and a vnode is used to reach the server then enable compression in the vnode.
If the DAS is in the server installation then compression is on by default in JDBC.
For pure Ingres Net clients, enable compression in the vnode.
An error is returned if compression cannot be enabled.