A. IPv6 Configuration : Options for Disabling IPv6 Support : iicvtwintcp Command--Convert wintcp to tcp_ip Protocol Setting
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iicvtwintcp Command--Convert wintcp to tcp_ip Protocol Setting
The iicvtwintcp command converts vnode definitions and GCx server protocol settings in config.dat from the deprecated wintcp network protocol to the newer tcp_ip protocol. This utility runs automatically during an upgrade, but can also be run standalone.
A backup file is created (or appended to) that can be used in subsequent iicvtwintcp commands to restore converted protocol entries to their previous settings.
Note:  Dynamic vnodes are not affected by this utility.
The iicvtwintcp command has the following format:
iicvtwintcp [-help] [-verbose] [-noupdate] [-force]
[-action convert_wintcp | convert_tcp_ip | restore]
[-bf filename] [-nf filename]
[-scope all | vnodes | config]
Displays command usage information.
Displays each record affected. If not specified, only totals are displayed.
Reports what the impact of running the utility will be, but does not update Name Server or backup files.
If the Name Server is running, the –force parameter must also be used.
When used with the -verbose parameter, produces a report from which the vnode updates can be done manually from one of the Ingres network configuration utilities.
Runs iicvtwintcp even if the Name Server or another instance of the program is currently running. A warning message is issued. This parameter is useful with the -noupdate parameter or when running against a copy of the Name Server node file.
Note:  Use this parameter with caution.
Specifies the action to be performed:
Converts wintcp to tcp_ip.
Converts tcp_ip to wintcp.
Restores converted protocol entries back to prior values.
Note:  If no action is specified, displays usage, which prevents unintentional conversion if command with no parameters is entered.
Specifies the name of the restore (back off) file. If not specified, the default is:
Can be specified with or without path name. If no path is specified, defaults to %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\files\name.
Note:  Written to as output if -action is convert_wintcp or convert_tcp_ip. Read from as input if -action is restore, and is required for a successful restore operation.
Specifies the name of the Name Server connection (NODE) file that contains the vnode definitions that will be updated. If not specified, the default is:
Can be specified with or without path name. If no path is specified, defaults to %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\files\name.
Converts or restores the following entities:
(Default) Vnode definitions and config.dat file
Vnode definitions only
Config.dat file only
Return codes:
Indicates the program succeeded, where return code is the number of records modified.
Indicates the program failed.
iicvtwintcp Examples
In these examples of the iicvtwintcp command, the command should be run while the Name Server (iigcn) is stopped.
1. Convert wintcp to tcp_ip in current installation:
iicvtwintcp -action convert_wintcp
2. Restore records converted to tcp_ip back to wintcp:
iicvtwintcp -action restore
3. Convert tcp_ip to wintcp in current installation.
This example is similar to Example 2 except that all tcp_ip records will be set to wintcp, not just the ones that were originally converted by -action convert_wintcp. Such a command is likely to be used if a restore is wanted but the backup file is lost.
iicvtwintcp -action convert_tcp_ip
4. List connection (NODE) information for all vnodes:
iicvtwintcp -action convert_wintcp -noupdate -verbose