3. Stage 1--Define and Create the Test Environment : Post Installation Tasks : Configuring to Run as a Service
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Configuring to Run as a Service
VectorH can be set up to run as a service. This may be useful if access to the DataNodes is restricted. The example below uses root to set up the service.
# Generate the service scripts
su - actian
. ~/ingVHsh
# Install the service script
su - root
cd /home/actian
. ./.ingVHsh
mkrc ‑i
# Check the service
service actian-vectorhVH status
#Optionally add actian to sudoers file so that the user can control this service:
[ # Add a line similar to this:
actian ALL=NOPASSWD: /sbin/service actian-vectorhVH *
sudo service actian-vectorhVH status
The instance can also be started remotely by Actian Director providing that the management server is running. It is possible to configure just the management server to run as a service, and then use Actian Director to start and stop the rest of the instance. For more information see the mkrc command in the User Guide.