2. Evaluation Process : Evaluation Steps
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Evaluation Steps
The evaluation test process is typically as follows:
1. Define success criteria and tests to be undertaken.
2. Define and set up the test environment (hardware plus Hadoop). Validate the environment for use with VectorH, and then install VectorH.
3. Migrate the schema, data, and queries from an existing environment into VectorH.
4. Run a single-user test to validate the queries.
5. Optimize the schema for VectorH and for the workload.
6. Run a multi-user concurrency test.
7. Run the non-functional tests.
Typically an evaluation is conducted on a subset of the data and the workload, so the results need to be scaled to assess what will be needed for production. A scalability model must be developed to show how to do this mapping, and the evaluation stage must gather the key data points to be able to build that model.