2. Evaluation Process : Functional Test Criteria
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Functional Test Criteria
Typical functional test criteria might be:
What BI tools or applications will be used? How will they connect?
Will the platform support both interactive and batch use cases?
Will my queries work unchanged, and do I get back the results I expect?
Where will my business logic live?
How will I port the schema and data from my current system?
What changes, if any, will need to be made to the schema definition?
Do I have source data that can be used as is, or does it need to be obfuscated or even generated from scratch?
Does the system need to support updates and changes in-place to the data?
If you simply want to quickly run some basic tests to get a feel for the product, then use the performance test kit (see Running the Performance Test Kit), which is highly automated and can produce some test data and query results.