G. Configuration Checklist
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Configuration Checklist
Hardware correctly sized?
Have the Hadoop vendor's recommendations been followed? See Cluster Environment: Hardware and Software.
Hardware working correctly?
Are disk and network performance as expected? See “Results Calibration” in References and Further Information.
Disks set up correctly?
Are the disks set up in accordance with the Hadoop vendor's recommendations?
OS set up correctly?
Have Linux/Hadoop recommendations been followed? (Swap space, Transparent Huge Pages, Transparent Huge Pages Defragmentation, and so on.). See Transparent Huge Pages and Defragmentation.
Correctly sized HDFS replication factor?
Generally the HDFS replication factor should be no more than 3; for small clusters (where the cluster is hosted in a single rack) it can be reduced to 2.
VectorH prerequisites met?
VectorH post installation tasks carried out?
VectorH installation is functioning correctly?
See Connecting to the Installation in the Getting Started guide.
Database creation succeeds?
Performance test kit performs as expected?
Partitioning scheme is clear for schema?
Loading and indexing factors considered?
Statistics generated?