3. Stage 1--Define and Create the Test Environment : Installation
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A functioning VectorH environment requires the following:
A Linux account that will be the user who owns the installation that has passwordless SSH access between the cluster nodes
Linux file system space owned by the user who owns the installation for software and configuration files
A functioning and supported Hadoop environment
A location in HDFS owned by the installation owner for data
A high speed interconnect between data nodes. 10Gb Ethernet is recommended; 1Gb Ethernet will work but performance is likely to be impaired.
If the installation process can be done with privileged access (root or sudo, for example), then the installer will automatically perform all the required setup. If the installation process is to be done without privileged access, then the steps requiring administration operations must be done first: creation of user accounts, setup of passwordless SSH access, creation and ownership setting of Linux file system directories, creation and ownership setting of the HDFS location.
The installer creates a VectorH “instance” that is designated by an instance ID. The default instance ID for the first instance of VectorH on a cluster is VH. The other installation defaults are: actian as the user who owns the installation, /opt/Actian/VectorVH as the Linux file system location, and /Actian/VectorVH as the HDFS location.
This section describes common installation scenarios. For full installation instructions, see the Installation Guide.