9. Tools and Troubleshooting : Troubleshooting and Log Files : Optimizer Ran Out of Memory
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Optimizer Ran Out of Memory
For very complex SQL, the resources available to the optimizer can be insufficient for optimizing the query, especially if many such queries are submitted at once (which is common in a testing or benchmark environment).
If you encounter the error “E_OP0002 optimizer ran out of memory before generating execution plan,” use the Configuration By Forms (CBF) utility to increase opf_memory.
Note:  opf_memory is by default a derived value. When setting explicitly, ensure that it is protected to prevent it being overridden upon restart. For details on the CBF utility, see the User Guide.
The formulas for how derived values are calculated are contained in the Configuration Rules files (for example, dbms.crs contains details of how opf_memory is calculated).
There are other configuration parameters that can affect optimizer memory and other related out of memory errors, but discussing them is outside the scope of this document. If you need assistance, contact Actian Support.