3. Stage 1--Define and Create the Test Environment : Post Installation Tasks : Using the Correct Ethernet Connection
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Using the Correct Ethernet Connection
Currently the software selects the first Ethernet interface available as the one to use for connections between the nodes. In the case where there are multiple interfaces available, the first may not be the correct one. To select the appropriate interface, edit the communication setup script as follows:
# Save the original script.
cp $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin/x100_mpi_run $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin/x100_mpi_run.original
vi $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin/x100_mpi_run
[ Edit line 174 to add the interface specification ]
[ Changempiargs="${mpiargs} -errfile-pattern=$II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/mpierr.log" ]
[ To mpiargs="${mpiargs} –iface=XXX-errfile-pattern=$II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/mpierr.log" ]
[ Where XXX is the desired interface e.g. eth1 ]
# Restart the cluster
As of Vector H 4.2.3 the following config.dat parameter can be set to the required interface instead of editing the x100_mpi_run script directly:
ii.$config_host.x100.mpi.iface: eth1_1
If it is not clear which is the correct interface to use, the Linux commands ifconfig and ethtool can be used to determine which interface is in use and the capabilities of the interface (bonded configurations can be observed through /proc/net/bonding).
Subsequent versions of the installer will allow the interface selection to be specified through configuration.