5. Connecting to the Installation : Connecting from Tableau
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Connecting from Tableau
Tableau Desktop, from Tableau Software, lets you visualize your data and perform Business Intelligence tasks.
Note:  This procedure assumes that an Actian Vector ODBC Driver is installed (a 32-bit Tableau needs a 32-bit driver and a 64-bit Tableau needs a 64-bit ODBC driver).
To connect to Actian Vector from Tableau
1. Start Tableau.
The Connect pane is displayed. If not, select Data, New Data Source.
2. Select Actian Vector under the "To a server" heading.
The Actian Vector connection pane is displayed.
3. Enter the following details:
Virtual node: Name of the virtual node that points to the connection data and authorization data necessary to access the remote Vector instance
If a virtual node has not been defined, you can enter connection details in "dynamic" form as follows:
For example: @sys02,tcp_ip,VH
Database: Name of your database
Use a specific username and password: Select this option.
Username: User name used to connect to the Vector instance
Password: Password associated with the user name.
4. Click OK.
You are connected to the Vector instance.