5. Connecting to the Installation : Installing Actian Director
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Installing Actian Director
Director is a Java based graphical administration tool for use with Vector databases. Connections are made through the management server, which must be running on the machine where the database instance is running. A client installation on the machine running Director is not required.
If using a Linux machine as the client host, then you will need access to graphical capabilities to use Director. These can be from the default Linux desktop or can be served from tools such as VNC server.
On Windows the installation media is provided as an exe. On Linux the installation media is provided as an RPM.
Once installed, Director can be run by typing the command director.
To connect to an instance, select Connect from the menu and enter the details: On the Connect to Instance dialog, enter the host name where the database instance is running into the "Instance" field, along with the username and password, and then click Connect.