4. Creating a Database and Loading Data : Optimize System Catalogs with sysmod
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Optimize System Catalogs with sysmod
Operations such as create table, create view, and create statistics (also known as optimizedb) add entries to the system catalogs. After the initial set of tables, views, and statistics are created, you should run the sysmod command, which modifies the system tables to optimize catalog access.
You should also run sysmod after making substantial subsequent changes, such as creating many new tables, dropping many tables, or creating statistics on new tables or columns. After the set of tables, views, and statistics is stable, running sysmod is needed less often. We recommend, however, running sysmod on a periodic basis, say weekly, to prevent any possible degradation in query performance.
You can use sysmod at the command line or use the Modify System Tables dialog in Actian Director.
To optimize system catalogs for the empdata database
Enter the following command:
sysmod empdata
To modify only the system tables affected by optimizedb
sysmod empdata iistatistics iihistogram