3. Post-Installation Tasks : Enable YARN Integration : Resource Checking at Runtime (x100_server Startup)
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Resource Checking at Runtime (x100_server Startup)
To try to avoid startup failures due to lack of YARN queue resources, VectorH checks the vectorwise.conf parameters against the resources of the configured queue during startup. If insufficient YARN queue resources are available, the startup is aborted and an error message is written to x100errlog.log. For example:
ERROR: DbAgent is configured to request a minimum of 10240MB of RAM
YARN queue 'default' only allows a maximum of 8192MB.
Note:  Startup aborts with an error only if the resources requested by VectorH exceed the "maximum" resource allocation for that queue. If the requested amount exceeds the "configured" amount but not the "maximum", a warning is issued but startup continues.
Restore vectorwise.conf Defaults
If VectorH fails to start due to lack of YARN queue resources, you can restore the settings in vectorwise.conf to their default values.
To revert the vectorwise.conf values to their defaults, use the iisuhdfs genconfig command. For example:
iisuhdfs genconfig
Setting up Vector in Hadoop HDFS Support...
Generating Vector in Hadoop config file...
Setting: max_memory_size=4096M
Backing up current config:
Saving file to:
The Vector in Hadoop HDFS setup program has successfully completed.