17. Backing Up and Restoring the Database : Archiver Exit Script (acpexit)
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Archiver Exit Script (acpexit)
The Archiver Process Exit command script (acpexit) is executed by the archiver when it gets an error it cannot process that requires the archiver process to shut down.
This shell script resides in the files directory. You can use the default script behavior, which sends mail to the installation owner account with the reason for the archiver failure, or you can edit the script to customize certain aspects of archiver recovery.
Because the archiver writes sequentially to the end of journal files, a common problem occurs when the archiver stops as a result of running out of journal disk space. If left unresolved, running an installation without an archiver (and with journaled databases) eventually causes the log file to fill.
To address this concern, whenever the archiver detects an error condition that forces it to stop (including running out of journal disk space) it first executes the archiver exit script.