3. Understanding Usage Scenarios : How to Run the Benchmark : Bulk Load the Data into the Table
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Bulk Load the Data into the Table
Use the vwload utility to load the lineitem.tbl text file generated by the dbgen utility for the 30 GB data size (SF=30). This step assumes this file is available in the local directory.
To load the data into the lineitem table
Type the following command at the Actian Command Prompt:
vwload --table lineitem --fdelim "|" dbtest lineitem.tbl
It may take several minutes to load the 180 million rows, depending on the speed of your hardware and CPU.
To speed up the load, you can divide the lineitem.tbl file into multiple files of roughly equal size, and then use the --cluster flag to execute in parallel mode. For example:
vwload --table lineitem --fdelim "|" --cluster dbtest lineitem1.tbl lineitem2.tbl 
Note:  Bulk-loading goes through the SQL client (the sql utility) over a network connection to Vector. The bottleneck is client parsing and network handling if loading remotely, rather than the Vector Server.