19. Managing Cluster Resources : How VectorH Interacts with YARN : Configure YARN Integration
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Configure YARN Integration
By default, integration with Apache Hadoop YARN is disabled. During installation, you are asked if you want to enable it.
You can configure integration with YARN by using the iisetres command to change the following parameters in config.dat:
Enables or disables YARN integration.
Valid values: true and false
Default: false
Specifies the YARN queue for VectorH. The DbAgent (API through with VectorH interacts with YARN) uses this setting to acquire cluster resources from a specific queue, which must be already set up.
Valid values: the name of a YARN queue
Default: default (the default YARN queue)
Specifies the DbAgent's priority for getting the VectorH required resources from YARN.
Valid values: 0 (low priority) – 10 (high priority)
Default: 10
Specifies whether YARN should update the slaves file on X100 server startup. Set this parameter to "false" when running VectorH on a subset of nodes in a Hadoop cluster when YARN is enabled. Valid values: true and false.
Default: false