17. Backing Up and Restoring the Database : Copy Files to a Backup Location Using OS Commands
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Copy Files to a Backup Location Using OS Commands
You can use operating system commands to copy the needed files to a backup location.
To copy files
1. Issue infodb dbname to view all the directories related to the database.
2. Shut down the instance.
Warning: If you move files when Vector is running or without a clean shutdown, the database can become corrupted.
If you are unsure that Vector shut down cleanly, do the following:
a. Start Vector again with the ingstart command.
b. Ensure that you can access the database. (For example: sql dbname then SELECT COUNT(*) from a Vector table, and then \q to quit.)
Note:  Simply accessing the database does not start the Vector Server.
c. Stop Vector with the ingstop command.
3. Copy the database file, journal, and dump files to the backup location. Create the work directories in the backup location, but you do not need to copy the work files.
To restore the files
1. Stop Vector using the ingstop command.
2. Copy the files back to their original location.
3. Restart Vector using the ingstart command.