9. Creating Databases : How a Database Is Created : Create a Database
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Create a Database
To create a database, you must have the createdb privilege, which is granted by default to the installation owner. You can create a database through a command on the command line, or through Actian Director.
To create a database
Issue this command at the command line:
createdb dbname
where dbname is the name of the database.
The database is created in the default locations for the installation, uses the UTF8 character set, and is Unicode enabled with Normalization Form C (NFC).
To create a database with its data and checkpoint files on different devices
createdb bigdb -ddb_vw -cnewckp_vw
The bigdb database is created in a new default location db_vw; its checkpoint files are created in the newckp_vw location. The locations were defined previously with CREATE LOCATION statements.