10. Using Alternate Locations : Extend and Unextend a Database
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Extend and Unextend a Database
You can extend a database to use additional data and work locations. Locations must exist prior to this operation and must be specified with a Usage Type of database or work.
After extending to another data location, you can create new tables and indexes in the extended location.
Unextending a database reverses the extend operation and deletes the entry from the configuration files so the location can be used again.
Note:  After unextending a database location, you should back up the database. Previous backups (checkpoints) cannot be used because they reference a location that is no longer accessible to the database.
To extend a database
Use the extenddb command or Actian Director.
This command extends the stockdb database to use the directory /disk1/loc1 as new data and work areas:
extenddb -lextraloc1 stockdb -a/disk1/loc1 -Udata,work
This command extends the employeedb database to an existing location:
extenddb -lextraloc2 -Udata employeedb
This command creates a location without extending databases to it:
extenddb -lextraloc2 -a/disk2/loc2 -Uckp,jnl -nodb
To unextend a database
Use the unextenddb command.
For example, this command unextends the stockdb database location extraloc1:
unextenddb -lextraloc1 stockdb -Udata,work