3. Understanding Usage Scenarios : How to Run the Benchmark : Generate Data
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Generate Data
The first step in running the benchmark is to download the DBT-3 package, make the database generator tool "dbgen", and generate the data.
To download the DBT-3 package and make the dbgen tool
1. Download the DBT-3 package from here:
2. Decompress and unarchive the downloaded file:
tar xvfz dbt3-1.9.tar.gz
3. Make the database generator tool, dbgen:
cd dbt3-1.9/src/dbgen
To generate the 30 GB version of the benchmark
Issue the dbgen command with the following flags at the operating system prompt:
dbgen -vfF -s 30
In this example, we will use only the lineitem table; you therefore can add -T L to the command line to generate only the "lineitem.tbl" text file.
The system responds with:
DBT-3 Population Generator (Version 1.3.0)
Copyright Transaction Processing Performance Council 1994 - 2000
Generating data for lineitem table [pid: 7552] done.