20. Migrating from Vector to VectorH : How to Migrate a Database from Vector to VectorH
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How to Migrate a Database from Vector to VectorH
The overall process for migrating a database from Vector to VectorH is as follows:
1. Run the copydb command.
This creates two command files (copy.out and copy.in) that contain SQL statements.
2. Execute the copy.out script.
All tables and views are copied into files in the specified directory.
3. Modify the copy.in script to add partitioning and optionally to remove the COPY statements if you will use vwload rather than COPY to load the data.
4. Create the new database.
5. Execute the copy.in script. This creates the tables. It also loads data if using COPY.
6. Use vwload to load the data if COPY was not used. Input files must be copied to the machine where VectorH resides before issuing the vwload command on the master node.
7. Optimize the database.
8. Run the sysmod command.