17. Backing Up and Restoring the Database : Journals : Journaling and Online/Offline Checkpoints
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Journaling and Online/Offline Checkpoints
An explicit journaling option on the ckpdb command causes the checkpoint to be taken offline and with an exclusive lock on the database.
The first time journaling is turned on in a particular database, you must checkpoint the database with journaling enabled (ckpdb +j dbname). Doing so ensures that the checkpoint is taken offline.
Once you have enabled journaling by checkpointing offline with the +j option, you can maintain the “journaling on” status and take online checkpoints by not subsequently setting the +j option when you take a checkpoint. Online checkpoints permit users to continue using the database while the checkpoint is being taken.
After you have enabled journaling for the database by checkpointing offline with the +j option, you can take an offline checkpoint to start journaling of tables for which journaling is enabled after the next checkpoint.
Note:  A table-level checkpoint is not allowed.