12. Loading Data : Load Data with COPY Statement
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Load Data with COPY Statement
The following COPY FROM example loads the lineitem.tbl text file into the lineitem table. It is assumed this file is available in the local directory.
To load the data into the lineitem table using COPY FROM
Type the following SQL statements at the Terminal Monitor prompt:
COPY TABLE lineitem (
        l_orderkey = 'c0|',
        l_partkey = 'c0|',
        l_suppkey = 'c0|',
        l_linenumber = 'c0|',
        l_quantity = 'c0|',
        l_extendedprice = 'c0|',
        l_discount = 'c0|',
        l_tax = 'c0|',
        l_returnflag = 'c0|',
        l_linestatus = 'c0|',
        l_shipdate = 'c0|',
        l_commitdate = 'c0|',
        l_receiptdate = 'c0|',
        l_shipinstruct = 'c0|',
        l_shipmode = 'c0|',
        l_comment = 'c0nl'
) FROM 'lineitem.tbl' \g
For details on the COPY statement, see the Vector SQL Language Guide.