4. Vector and Ingres : Incompatibilities with Ingres Database : SQL Data Type Incompatibilities
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SQL Data Type Incompatibilities
The following incompatibilities between Vector and traditional Ingres are known:
Vector does not check for overflow on operations on floating point types. (Operations on integer types and decimal types are checked for overflow.)
TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND can only store 6 decimal places (fractions of seconds), compared to 9 in traditional Ingres.
Vector supports only the YYYY-MM-DD date format and the YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.[fffff] timestamp format in SQL. (The vwload utility, however, supports all date formats supported by traditional Ingres.) Use DATE_FORMAT() or TO_CHAR() to change the display of date and time values; use STR_TO_DATE() or TO_DATE() or TO_TIMESTAMP() to convert strings into date and time values.
Conversion from floating point types to character types can yield slightly different results than in traditional Ingres.
The MONEY currency symbol is fixed to '$'.
The ASCII null character ('\0\') is not supported in char and varchar data types.