9. Creating Databases : Show Information on Databases with infodb
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Show Information on Databases with infodb
The infodb utility shows administrative details about databases, such as the directory names of data, checkpoint, journal, dump, and work locations. These details are stored in the configuration file.
To get a list of databases, issue the following command at the operating system prompt:
infodb -databases
infodb -get_dbname
To see all information from all databases, including the system databases iidbdb and imadb:
Infodb prints a report for each database in the installation. To restrict the information to a specific database, specify:
infodb dbname
For more information, see the infodb command description.
Infodb can be used to access certain elements of the report:
infodb test2 -get_help
valid infodb -get_item flags:
-get_help -get_dbname
-get_dbowner -get_dbid
-get_dbid_hex -get_collation
. . .
-get_location_dump -get_location_work
For example:
infodb test2 -get_dbowner -get_dbid