11. Managing Tables and Views : Synonyms, Temporary Tables, and Comments : Synonyms
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The DBA or any user is allowed to create synonyms for tables, views, and indexes. These alternate names, or aliases, can be used to define shorthand names in place of long, fully qualified names.
After a synonym is created, it can be referenced the same way as the object for which it was created. For example, if you create a synonym for a table or view, issue SELECT statements using the synonym name, just as you use the table or view name.
Working with Synonym Objects
You can perform the following basic operations on synonyms:
Create synonym objects
View existing synonym objects, including the detailed properties of each individual object
Drop synonym objects
In SQL, you can accomplish these tasks using the statements CREATE SYNONYM, HELP SYNONYM, and DROP SYNONYM.
In Director or VDBA, use the Synonyms branch for a particular database.