6. Accessing VectorH : User Authentication
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User Authentication
Each Vector user must be defined in the master database. For example, the installation owner creates a user in iidbdb:
Vector can use either of the following methods to authenticate users:
Through the operating system (OS) account and password together with the corresponding user object definition in the master database.
By passing the user name and password directly to the DBMS Server for DBMS authentication against the list of Vector users and their passwords. If dbms_authentication is enabled for the server (which it is by default for new installations), the user does not have to be defined as an operating system user.
Ingres Net can be configured to allow users access to remote nodes directly (through an installation password) or by providing a user name and password. The user name and password can be authenticated by the DBMS (if the server has DBMS authentication enabled), or against a local OS user account. The password is encrypted when sent across the network.