5. Usage Considerations : Considerations for Using VectorH : VectorH Configuration Considerations
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VectorH Configuration Considerations
The list of cluster nodes is written to a configuration file, which is generated during installation: $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/hdfs/slaves.
There is a separate vectorwise.conf per node. Some configuration parameters, however, are relevant for the master node only and some are relevant for all nodes.
Query execution memory size (max_memory_size) and bufferpool size (bufferpool_size) are set per node.
num_cores is relevant on the master node only but is set to the number of cores per node. An equal number of cores on each node is assumed.
max_parallelism_level is relevant on the master node only but is set to the total level of parallelism throughout the cluster. A good value is the total number of physical cores.
Most options are set correctly automatically.
Note:  VectorH assumes a homogeneous cluster, that is, all nodes participating in VectorH query execution have the same amount of memory, cores, and execution speed.