14. Using the Query Optimizer : Query Execution Plans : View a QEP
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View a QEP
In general, it is a good idea to test run a query (that is, view the QEP).
In Director, in the Query tab, click Options, Execution, Advanced, View Query Plan. When you execute the query, the QEP is displayed in the Trace tab.
In VDBA, if you open the SQL Scratchpad window and click Execute QEP, you automatically see the query execution plan in a graphical form.
From a terminal monitor or embedded SQL, you can see the QEP by using the SET QEP statement. On the SET statement, the [NO]OPTIMIZEONLY, [NO]QEP, and JOINOP [NO]TIMEOUT clauses pertain to QEPs. The QEP is displayed in text-only format when using SQL.
Control QEP Generation Using a Environment Variable
To control whether QEPs are generated using an operating system environment variable, issue the following commands:
C shell:
setenv ING_SET "set qep"
Bourne shell:
ING_SET = "set qep"
export ING_SET