Vector in Hadoop 5.0 Guides
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Vector in Hadoop 5.0 Guides
Getting Started
Describes how to quickly get started using Vector in Hadoop
Evaluation Guide
Helps you evaluate the Vector in Hadoop product
Installation Guide
Describes recommended hardware, installation requirements, how to install VectorH, post-installation tasks, installation using a response file, and how to uninstall VectorH
SQL Language Guide
Provides details on all SQL statements, examples of the correct use of SQL statements and features, detailed discussion on performing transactions and handling errors, and detailed descriptions about database procedures, sessions, and events
Security Guide
Describes the security features of Vector in Hadoop and includes instructions for defining various types of users and authorizing user access
Connectivity Guide
Describes how to establish and maintain communications between Vector in Hadoop instances using Ingres Net. It also describes troubleshooting tips for each supported network protocol, how to use ODBC, JDBC, and .NET Data Provider connectivity components, and how to configure Vector to use Kerberos authentication.
User Guide
Describes how to use Vector in Hadoop