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About This Documentation
This documentation covers procedures and technical information for the advanced user.
Some of the content presented here may not apply to you. For example, the topic on gateway configuration does not apply to Zen server engines. These differences are clearly marked.
Actian would appreciate your comments and suggestions. As a user of our documentation, you are in a unique position to provide ideas that can have a direct impact on future releases of this and other manuals. If you have comments or suggestions for the product documentation, post your request in the community forum on the Actian website.
Who Should Read This Documentation
This documentation is provided for advanced users. Advanced users are considered to have a strong understanding of the underlying operating systems on which you run your Zen-based applications. Advanced users should be comfortable configuring their operating system, and in many cases, must have administrative permissions to configure the database engine. Advanced users may include the following:
Network administrators of networks where one or more Zen-based applications are installed
Value-added resellers of Zen-based applications
Developers of Zen-based applications
Last modified date: 10/31/2023