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Actions and Statements
Actions consist of one or many statements enclosed in braces, { and }, and are executed when the pattern associated with them is matched in the input file. Statements help comment the script, assign values to variables, control when other statements execute, and write output records to the Map Designer. A statement may continue over multiple lines but must end with a semicolon (;). Multiple statements may be placed on one line.
The statements in actions can include:
The statements in actions can include:
“Expressions in Statements” with constants, variables, assignments, and function calls
# “Comment Statements”
“Reinitialize Statement”
“Assignment Statements”
“Catchup Statements”
Catchup on
Catchup off
Function calls – See “User-Defined Functions” in the Language Elements section.
“Control Statements”
For (variable in array) {statements }
If (condition) {statements } else {statements }
While (condition) { statements }
{ statements }
“Output Statements”
Last modified date: 08/10/2022