User Guide : Using Content Extraction Language
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Using Content Extraction Language
The Content Extraction Language is an AWK-like line oriented programming language. Its purpose is to recognize and extract structured fields of data from specific lines of incoming text files, and assemble those fields into a flat record of data which it passes on to a subsequent process (e.g., Map Designer). To do this, CXL provides a wide variety of pattern recognition, computing and data-manipulation capabilities. This robust and expressive scripting language gives users a valuable tool to tackle the problem of extracting useful field and record structures from the huge and ever-growing volume of complex text files.
Supported Text Files
Supported Operations
CXL Scripts
Language Elements
Variables and Fields
Pattern Matching and Action Statements
Integrating with Map Designer
DJXLPACK - Script Compressing and Encoding
Script Errors and Debugging Tips
Language Syntax and Examples
Script Examples
CXL Quick ReferenceCXL Quick Reference