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Acucobol (ODBC 3.x)
Acucobol is a record manager that many applications utilize for data storage. This Acucobol connector uses ODBC 3.x to connect to Acucobol files.
Tip...  You can connect to Acucobol tables with ODBC 3.x. For the procedure, and information about the property options, limitations, and source and target schemas see ODBC 3.x.
If you use Vision number 4, use ODBC to connect to applications that use newer versions of Acucobol for backend data storage. If you use Vision number 2 or 3, refer to the ODBC Driver Information on our web site for a list of vendors (to determine whether the AcuODBC Vision Driver supports these versions).
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Last modified date: 08/10/2022