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Alt-Transformation Step
Using the Alt-Transformation step, you can associate a DI9 map to a process, or a transformation step to a DI9 process. You can create a new map or specify previously created maps to run.
Note:  The Alt-Transformation step is supported in DataConnect v11.6 or later only.
Alt-Transformation Step Properties
After adding a Alt-Transformation step from the Palette to the canvas, you can double-click the step on the canvas and specify the step properties in the Properties tab displayed at the bottom.
Note:  The Alt-Transformation step is visible in the Palette based on the Allow using alternative transformations step preference setting (Options > Preferences > DataConnect > Process Designer > Steps).
The properties are same as the Transformation step properties. The difference is:
When you are using Alt-Transformation step to add a DI transformation step, then all the properties mentioned for Transformation step is applicable.
When you are using Alt-Transformation step for adding a transformation step to a DI9 process, then all the properties except Transformation file (.tf.xml) are applicable.
For information about each property, see Transformation Step Properties.