User Guide : Designing and Executing Processes
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Designing and Executing Processes
Process Editor is a graphical data transformation tool that you can use to orchestrate your integration project. You can organize map transformations with logical choices, SQL queries, global variables, and any other applications necessary to complete your data transformation. Once you have organized these steps in the order of execution, you can run the entire workflow as one unit. For example, a map can be called from within Process Editor using a Transformation step. You can create new transformations, use existing transformations, or copy original transformations before using the map file in a Transformation step. The original transformation file information remains unchanged.
The following topics provide information about the Process Editor and building processes:
Exploring Process Editor
Building Processes
Configuring Processes
Process Steps and Associated Components
Health Care Data
Using Scripts in Processes
Validating and Running Processes
You can view the specific examples and customize your own processes. For more information, see the Using Design Templates.