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Building Decision Step Expressions
When you add a Decision step that depends on the result of the previous step, use the Script Editor to build your expression. Each step currently on the canvas is available when you open Script Editor from the Process window.
To build a Decision step expression with Script Editor
1. Add a Decision step to the canvas.
2. Double-click the step.
The properties tab is displayed.
3. In Expression, click Open.
The EZscript Expressions editor opens.
4. In the Parameters tab, expand Steps and then expand the step for which you want to add an expression. The following properties appear for the step:
5. Double-click the required property to add it and then type an operator (such as =, <, >, and others).
6. Add the applicable value.
7. If the step property value is not Status, enter a numeric value. If the value is Status, enter one of the following (enclose the value with quotes):
Not Executed
8. Add any additional logic to the expression.
9. To check for syntactical errors, click the Validate icon. Address any errors in your script.
10. Once you have created a valid expression, click the Save icon.
Tip...  Each Decision step must have at least one true and one false path.
Last modified date: 03/21/2023