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Configuring Logging Options
To configure the logging options for a process, open a process file, go to Configuration tab > Logging Options section, specify the following, and save the file.
Note:  This setting is specific to the process file and overrides the global settings specified in the Options > Preference > DataConnect > Execution > Logging Defaults tab.
Field or Option
Log file name
Click Browse and specify the log file name. By default, the log file name is same as the artifact name.
Run options
Select one or more of the following:
Error and event logging ON/OFF
Clear log file before run - Clears the contents of the log file before executing the map.
Break after first error
Log final result to NT event log - Sends the final result to the NT event log.
Flush log to disk after each message - Sends the contents of the log file to a file on the disk after each message.
Error types to log
Select one or more of the following types of errors that must be logged in the log file:
Errors: Logs errors that can cause the process execution to stop if Break after first error is set.
Warnings: Logs messages about data truncation in a field, field name changes, loss of precision, or other issues.
Information Messages: Logs messages such as "Execution initialization...", "Execution successful", whether the process execution was stopped.
Debug Messages: All messages generated as a result of a TraceOn action and some other messages are logged at this level.
In this case, the record number, first five fields of each record, and all the events are recorded.
The messages are logged up to the selected log type including the previous log types in the order of precedence. For example, if Warnings is selected, then the log file includes both Errors and Warnings messages. Similarly, if Debug Messages is selected, then the log file includes Errors, Warnings, Informative Messages, and Debug Messages.
Note:  In case of v9 compatible artifacts, only the selected type of error message is included in the log file.
Note:  For a new process, the Logging section displays the Log file name and Error types to log that was set in Options > Preferences > DataConnect > Execution.
Last modified date: 08/02/2023