User Guide : Designing and Executing Map : Setting Up Source Data : Confirming Source Schema
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Confirming Source Schema
For every source Connector, the respective default schema is displayed. You can also load a schema file to change the layout of the source data. Some connectors allow you to select an external schema for more accurate parsing of the data.
To confirm the schema for the source data:
1. In the map file, go to Sources tab > Confirm Schema section.
The schema for the selected source connector is displayed on the right-side in tabular format.
2. In Select Schema, click Browse and specify the source schema file. For ASCII Fixed data, one record will be displayed as one field without a schema file. The schema file is actually used to parse the source data.
3. Click Save Schema As and specify the file name to save the schema as another file. You can use this option to create a new schema file based on this source (users may modify the original schema) for later use (for example, use it as schema for target data). By default, the schema will be saved in the current project directory.
4. Click Refresh if any changes are done to the external schema. For more information about refresh, see Saving and Reusing a Connection.