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DataFlex (ODBC 3.x)
DataFlex is a development tool that may be used to create custom applications. With the DataFlex connector, the integration platform can read and write DataFlex v2.3 and v3.x data files.
The integration platform connects to DataFlex tables with ODBC 3.x. For the procedure, and information about the property options, limitations, and source and target schemas, see ODBC 3.x.
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DataFlex Connection Requirements
To connect to DataFlex files, you must own the necessary API files, purchase them from a software vendor, or use ODBC. If you attempt to connect to DataFlex without installing the required API files, you receive a 25547 error: Setting connector (DataFlex) name: Unable to find required module .dllname.
Required Configuration Files
The files FILELIST.CFG and TERMLIST.CFG must be available on your system. If this .CFG file resides in a directory other than the data directory, you should copy that .CFG file into the same directory where the data files reside or where you intend to write them. You must also have COLLATE.CFG in the same directory with your data. In addition, all of the associated files must be available, not the .DAT file but also the .TAG, .VLD and .DEF files.
Connector-Specific Notes
The integration platform does not transform overlap fields.