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Exporting Preferences
You can export all the preferences and import them into a new workspace or to another computer or from one build version to another. The preferences are exported into a file called Export Preferences File (.epf). The preferences that are exported include General preferences, the Content Extractor preferences, and a few of the top-level DataConnect preferences.
To export the preferences:
1. Go to File > Export.
The Export window is displayed.
2. Expand General, click Preferences, and click Next.
The Export Preferences window is displayed.
3. Select specific preferences to export or select Export All option to export all the preferences.
You can also click Select All to select all the preferences or click Deselect All.
4. In To preferences file, click Browse and specify the file in which you want to export the preferences (.epf file)
5. (Optional) Select the Overwrite existing resources without warning option to display a prompt before an existing preferences file is overwritten. You can either overwrite the file, skip it, or cancel the export. If this option is not selected, a prompt is not displayed that indicates an existing resource will be overwritten during import.
6. Click Finish. The preferences are exported to the specified file.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022