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Extract Editor Toolbar Options
The Extract Editor Toolbar contains the following options:
Icon Name
Clear all line styles defined in the extract
Clear all the line styles that are defined in the extract file.
Clear all the fields defined under all the line styles in the extract
Clear all the fields that are associated with all the line styles in the extract file.
Clear accept record assignments of all fields
Clear all Accept Record fields. This allows you to discard the entire export mapping and start again. When you click this option, a prompt is displayed to clear fields in all the Accept Records. If you click Yes, all the fields are unassigned (icon changes in the Line Style column reflects this change).
Create a New Line Style
Create a new line style based on the text selection of line number in the Text Viewer.
Edit a Line Style
Edit any existing line style.
Toggle whitespace character visibility
Toggle the whitespace characters in the Text Viewer with symbols. The default symbol is a small gray dot to show where spaces exist in the file. In Configuration > Display Choices, you can choose different symbols.