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The Internal Line Separator built-in variable contains a string or numeric value that is used to mark the end of a line. If ILS is set to a string, it may be one or more characters and, if multiple characters, all of the characters will be used as one line separator. If ILS is set to a numeric value, CXL will divide lines based on the numeric value as a line length instead of looking for a separator. Unlike IFS, ILS can only be set to one line separator at a time. Since CXL uses ILS to determine what constitutes a physical record, ILS should be set in the BEGIN block before any records are read. ILS is assigned CR/LF (Carriage Return/Line Feed) if no ILS is explicitly set in the script.
BEGIN {readahead(82); ILS = $0(81 82); }
#Assign characters 81-82
# as EOL string