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Importing an Archive File
You can import files from an archive file, if you have previously exported one or more v11 projects into an archive file. To do this, go to File > Export > General > Archive.
You can import from an archive file in the following cases:
Copy projects to a different workspace
Import projects from another system
To import using an archive file:
1. Go to File > Import.
The Import window is displayed.
2. Expand General, click Archive File, and click Next.
The Archive File window is displayed.
3. In From archive file, click Browse and select the location where the archive file is available.
The folders contained in the archive file are displayed in the left pane and the files within the folders are displayed in the right pane. Select the required folders/file you want to import.
(Optional) Click Select All to select all the folders and files. To deselect, click Deselect All.
4. (Optional) Filter the file type to restrict the import to only certain file types. To do this:
a. Click Filter Types.
The Select Types window is displayed.
b. Select the required file type(s) or click Select All to choose all the file types. To deselect, clear the check box or click Deselect All.
c. If the required file type is unavailable, then type the file extension in the Other Extensions text box.
d. Click OK to save and close the Select Types window.
5. In Into folder, click Browse and the project into which you want to import the archive file.
6. Select Overwrite existing files without warning option if you do not want a prompt to be displayed that indicates an existing resource will be overwritten during import. If this option is not selected, then a prompt is displayed before the resource is overwritten. You can either overwrite the resource, skip it, or cancel the import.
7. Click Finish.
The files are imported into the selected project folder in Project Explorer.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022