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Actian DataConnect is the digital business platform for hybrid data integration, transformation, and management.
DataConnect 11 is a hybrid integration platform that provides a comprehensive and powerful set of design and management tools to quickly design integrations once and deploy anywhere in the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid environments with no limits on data types or volumes. You can visually create or modify integration maps, artifacts, rules, and job schedules in minutes, without coding or scripting. With its emphasis on reuse and adaptability, DataConnect is engineered to help you cost-effectively integrate diverse data and applications from numerous endpoints.
Actian DataConnect provides a broad set of data integration tools that support converged data and application integration across a near-unlimited variety of hybrid data integration patterns, including data migration, ETL, batch loading, event based, omni-channel, Edge/IOT, ACORD, EDI, HIPAA, and so on.
Actian DataConnect simplifies developer productivity and integration architecture. It provides a desktop IDE with new features and functionalities for mapping environment, debugging tools, repository, web services connectivity and other design and run-time services with emphasis on more user-friendly tools and greater deployment flexibility.
Last modified date: 11/01/2022