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Lotus Notes Structured Text
Lotus Notes Structured Text is a special file format that can be imported into a Lotus Notes database. With this connector, the integration platform can write to a Lotus Notes Structured Text target file.
This connector sets field width in bytes. What actually varies is the number of characters that fit into a given field. For example, if a field width is 10 bytes and the encoding is Shift-JIS, the field can hold a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 10. This means that if you try to write 8 Japanese characters, data is truncated (the Kanji characters all take 2 bytes).
Connector-Specific Notes
Lotus Notes Structured Text is a legacy format that was developed before there was an official Lotus Notes API. Use this connector to connect to Lotus Notes data earlier than version 4.
Property Options
You can set the following source (S) and target (T) properties.
This translation table determines which encoding to use for reading and writing data. The default is ANSI, the standard in the US.
Data Types
All data in a Lotus Notes Structured Text file is Text.